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This will make it easy for you to backup your entire device in order to get the data restored at the appropriate time or when you so desired. The screen will be like the one shown bellow when the phone is recognize by the program.


Now is the time to select the particular file type you want to backup from your device from the list of the files displayed at the center of your window. The process for the backup will commence and will take some minutes before it can be fully completed. There will be pop up new window showing you the private data located in the scan results.

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At the completion of the backup process, which suppose to take some minutes. You can click the pop up window so as to gain access to backup data. You can equally access the backup data when you check the settings. The Huawei HiSuit is among the most popular and generally used backup software app. This particular tool is also recommended owing to the fact that it is just designed for Huawei devices.

Huawei HiSuite - Download - COMPUTER BILD

Backing up Huawei data is quite easy with this software. The steps to follow when you want to enjoy easy Huawei backup using this software application are:. Connect your Huawei device to your computer with the help of a USB cable. Immediately there is successful connection and the program detect your Hauwei device, the entire data inside your Hauwei device will be listed out in the Home icon of the HiSuite. After clicking next you will find the window where you will be able to choose the backup content. That is the type of file you want to backup. So, you have to begin to select by ticking the checkboxes beside each of the files you will like to save.

The backup process will then commence and will take few minutes to be completed. So, just wait patiently while the processes get completed.

SyncMate takes good care of your photos and videos and updates them on both device and computer accordingly. And it make it even better, it is not just plain synchronization - you can actually change image resolutions and convert videos to various formats, choosing codec, resolution, bitrate and frame rate before you sync. We call SyncMate your assistant for a reason.

Among all things it can do it also allows you to communicate with the world more conveniently. You can effortlessly create, send, read, or even delete your text messages on your full-sized computer keyboard.

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SMS Export is also available. You can sync entire folders instead of separate files between your Mac and smartphone. As a tip you can set up one folder to be automatically synced, and throw any file you need to be accessible everywhere in that folder whenever there is a need. SyncMate is a hard worker and it doesn't delegate!

How to Transfer Photos from Huawei P8 to Computer, Huawei P8Max / P8Lite Picture to PC

The app works directly with Address Book and Contacts apps as well as with iTunes and Music and doesn't involve any other apps or services, which certainly makes SyncMate faster and safer than a lot of other solutions. Any of your favorite sync features can be automated, so you don't even have to remember to initiate the sync - SyncMate will update everything quietly in the background.

Syncing Mac and Huawei is no longer a problem if you have SyncMate. Ever wanted to keep data updated between Mac and Huawei?

Part 2. How to backup Huawei with HiSuite

Forget about updating contacts and calendar events manually or downloading the same songs on your Mac and Huawei phone every time. Stop wasting your precious time on what can be done faster or even automatically. SyncMate will update all data you have in your Huawei smartphone with Mac and vice versa.

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Bet you are interested. Keep on reading to learn more about all sync possibilities SyncMate gives you. About SyncMate To put it simple, SyncMate is like a highly qualified personal assistant for all data sync and transfer between Mac and Huawei smartphone. Android file transfer replacement With SyncMate at hand you can easily map Android Huawei as Mac disk to be able to access and browse your phone or tablet contents in Finder just like you would with any other external drive - manage files including copy, delete and move with your mouse cursor.

Apply Finder features on your Huawei Once you have mounted Huawei smartphone on your Mac, you can use all Finder options to copy files to multiple folders at one, move several folders concurrently, archive several files, and more.